Borojo and Noni


EUPHORIA is a 100% natural energy drink. One bottle of Euphoria will have an immediate effect allowing your body to release its own natural energy.

It is composed of natural ingredients, such as Borojo, passion fruit, and guarana. The amazing properties and sinergy of these fruits are the key in Euphoria's effectiveness.

Borojo is the common name given to the fruit, Borojoa patinoi, which can be found in the jungles of Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. There is also amazonian Borojo (Borojoa sorbilis), but it is of a different kind.

We use Borojoa patinoi because it is highly energetic, with a high protein content. Its phosphorous content is surprising. Borojo has one of the highest levels of Vitamin B (water soluble), compared to any other fruit.

Euphoria 100% Natural

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